Friday, February 27, 2009

Craft night at my house

If anyone is interested in having a craft night at my house please get a hold of me. I think the first one would be how to make a sock monkey and maybe the second one can be a how to cross stitch class. I can provide materials and will charge just enough money to cover some food and wine and socks! Let me know I want to start making this a regular thing.


The grey striped one is APE MAN. He is modeled after my boyfriend who sang "im an ape man" at karaoke the other night. He does not have a tail (because he is an ape) BUT he DOES come with a fashionable banana and button eyes!
The argyle one is named MAGENTA and she is a nice skinny bright eyed monkey. Her back is black and everything is argyle and shes got felt eyes. She looks sad. Give her a good home.
The pink one is LITTLE STUBBY and has button eyes. But dont hate on her ladies and gents! She will make a fabulous pet!

These are all available at my Etsy store!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My user name is BrooklynCraft and the site is here! I will be making customized products as well as the rest of my handmade things like sock monkeys and lots of baby stuff and whatever else i come up with to make and sell!!! YAY!

Birthday Cakes are fun to make!

This I made for Roxanne's birthday. She obviously likes newports.

Cardboard Computer

A girl at work was promised her own computer today and when they didn't deliver i made her one out of cardboard!

FUCK YOU ANDY cross stitch.

This i made for my loving roomate Andy. They are available on my etsy store for $10 each.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

FORGET ME-NOT Emboirdery show at the Hanahou Gallery

If you like embroidery and you live in NYC you should check this show out. Here are some pics of my favorite pieces there. The Star Trek one is called "SET PHASERS ON STUNNING" by
Sarah Horton
. You can go HERE to find the names of the artists or to purchase their work. It was really cool seeing some of the pieces I have seen on the internet in person. Enjoy!

The Gallery is located at 611 Broadway (at Houston) Suite 703. This is the Website

Sorry the photos are so blurry they were taken with my phone.

I GOT TO SEE NINA! And we made monsters for mabel!

She came to Milwaukee to hang out with Roxy and Mabel and me!!!! I decided we should make some monsters for Mabel. Roxy says the more monsters that are in her room the less scared she'll be of one in her closet. I think that makes great sense! Here are some we made for her!

My visit to Paper Boat

I wanted to stop by Paper Boat Boutique and Gallery while in Milwaukee and it was super cute! I purchased a necklace that is hand stamped and says "take on me" and Roxanne bought one too and she got me a Milwaukee pin. I also got a Sublime Stitching kid to embroider some flour sack towels i got at the craft store. They had a ton of cool stuff there here are some photos.
You should also check out their website

Crafting in Wisconsin! BEFORE AND AFTER PICS! Turning Mabels too pink clothes to something more tolerable and adorable!

IM BACK! And I have been busier than ever this week!!!!

This is the finished sock monkey army and brown monkey for Mabel. I have made even more since and i will post the better ones when i can.
Along with it is the finished scary long "Clifford the big red dog" monkey. and I taught my roomie Andy how to make them and he made a Danzig monkey! hes so clever. It came out great!

Monday, February 16, 2009


The most favorite person of mine who designed my blog is one of my best-ies that i have know since i was 17 years old. Her name is Ann Kwilinski and she has a blog called with her awesome design and knowledge of the interwebs and my annoying art direction skills we made She is incredibly talented and i suggest you check out her blog or get at her and pay her money to make you shit look good.

Milwaukee bound!

Im heading out to Mil-ee-wauk-ey which is Algonquin for "the good land". Im going to visit Roxy and Mabel! I am bringing a bunch of fabric and all my embroidery stuff to make all the pink baby stuff she got after Mabel was born better. a.k.a. adding skulls and words and shapes to make them less "girly". Wish me luck! I hate hate hate hate flying. And i might be having a panic attack tonight thinking about it and happening. Look back soon for more pictures of my adventures in the middle east i mean midwest.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tips on Making Sock monkeys

1) don't use tall socks unless you plan on having a monkey with 1.5ft legs.
2) beware, used socks are more fragile and expand to be bigger longer monkeys.
3) if you do use used socks, your sock money will have a dirty ass.
4) the tail of your sock money will be 3ft long. this is a problem and you will need to shorten this. otherwise the monkey body starts to look terrifying.
5) ALSO the monkeys MOUTH will be dirty too.

These are not things you think about after downing a bottle of wine and watching reruns of the housewives of orange county, trying to make sock monkeys when you have never made one before.

Green Depot has come to SoHo

I just got back from visiting Green Depot. It is their first day opening. Lucky for me it is only a few blocks form work. Their store "Makes green building and living solutions accessible". Some cool facts about the building it is in is that 1) it was previously home to the first YMCA in NYC, 2) Was home to William S. Burroughs (for there is only a few crazies who have from the crazy place outbroken), and 3) was a previous studio to Mark Rothko!

One thing that i liked the most was that they have huge glass drums of their products that they pour out of a tap and into your empty bottles! at about 12 cents an ounce it makes filling up my empty dish soap bottle less than $2! They do not currently offer hand soap but i really hope they start carrying it.

The sculptures they have around the store are made out of old tools and are pretty bad ass. and i found a bunch of cross stitch samplers hanging on the walls!!

They have a baby section that is nice but the colors are a little bland. The pillows were cute but around $35. They offer lots of baby clothes, pillows, blankets and onsies, all of which are organic.

All in all, everyone that works there is very very nice and helpful. I will be going back soon to refill all my empty bottles of cleaning products! My only purchase there was a recyclable and bidegratable trashcan for $6.50. I am pleased.

This is how my cat greets me when i come home...

by scaling me, climbing over my back and then lying down on my bag. and wants to be carried around like im an elephant and he is aladin.

This is some funny ass stuff!

thanks nina!

The ultimate stitch guide from

This is a WONDERFUL tool. its got every stitch imaginable. it prints out nice too.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WTF am i doing?!?!?! This shit is hard!!!!!! There are way more strings than before!!!

Dan and I on Halloween.. I mean Axle and Slash

I have to catch everyone up on the past year. I feel like im going backwards. I gotta stop before i am posting pictures till im grey and you see pics of me when im born.

Its 64 degrees out here. im confused but know better to question... Its February. Please can it be boating season soon?

This is our boat " I Got Wings". She is a 23ft friendship sloop. It is on a dry dock in Mystic, CT. We were going to rename her this winter. Its bad luck to rename a boat in the water. I cant wait till its boating season again.

We cook too!

This is just a couple pictures from Thanksgiving i never posted. yes that is a bacon wrapped turkey. yes it was delicious.

I make dog clothes too!

This is Pancakes modeling her winter onsie with snaps on the back so her leash goes out of it. She has since outgrown it. sad.

My next Counted Cross Stich project.

Im a little scared. this is a big one. wish me luck.

Baby Baby Baby

I need to get a better camera. it makes the baby clothes look drab. these are things i made for roxanne's baby. The duffel bag is my favorite i have more canvas that im going to use to make more laundry bags with straps. i dunno why nobody thought of this before. Its horrible to drag that huge bag to the laundry mat every time. the orange and black and white thing is a reversible bib and burp cloth. and between the two shirts at the top is a plush toy that matched the outfits.

Things I made at letterpress class.

Jamie and I took a workshop this weekend at The Arm in Williamsburg. A guy named Dan runs this studio and has many different machines and taught us how to do letterpress. Jamie and i Have a date to go back sometime soon and make ourselves business cards. These are our valentines day cards.

This is where the magic happens.. for serious.

This is my sewing nook in my house. its my tiny kitchen office. its in a fireplace. how fun right?! i paintied a pane of a window with chalkboard paint so i can jot down measurements and ideas. There are bags of fabric everywhere. my wine rack has become an extension of my desk as well. The "keep on the sunny side" print is from Yee Haw Industries, my favorite letter press company. There is a mini cross stitch that Dan's mom did a long time ago and other pretty little things that make me happy to look at.

Thanks ANDY!

My roommate Andy gave me the best book. I cant wait to see the movie of it. Handmade Nation. The perfect book for anyone aspiring to turn their craft into a job. Buy this book! Read their blog! See their movie!

Black and white animals.

Gizmo and Bella. Gizmo is busy texting and Bella only has one eye. nobody knows how it happened either. She just showed up in the backyard one day with one eye missing.

Sometimes things just need to happen..... like fried whitecastle cheeseburgers!

Yea that actually happened.. and yes it was fucking AMAZING!

Cute people sleeping with their cute pets.

This is Patty with pancakes passed out on the murphy bed and me and gizmo sleeping in our room.

My tough guys.

This is Dan and Andy. boyfriend and roomie. I sewed these patches on. I was drunk last night off wine and i sewed Andy's on. That was fun.

Duvet for Pillows

Who wants a pair?!?!? Ill make them for you. easy and cheap. I can take them off and wash them when they get icky and they hide the hideous free muppet pillows underneath.

Gizmo loves his cat bed and so do I.

This is a cat bed i made for Gizmo in about an hour. I got all these fleece blankets from Old Navy for $1.99 each. I bought like ten of them. byt they will come in handy. Gizmo used to lay all over my piles of clothes getting hair on everything. now he lays on the piles of everything on his cat bed. we both win.

Mabel's Quilt.

Here is the quilt i started making for Roxy's baby way before she was born. I will gift it to her when i go to Wisconsin. Its feels really nice. All the Fabric except from the backing was bought at Stitch. And i embroidered the fish and little fish on the bike for her.


Here is a close up of my favorite part. The mermaids and the ship in the bottle.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Boat Flag Alphabet Counted Cross Stich

This is something that i have been working on since Christmas. Susan, Dan's (the boyfriend) mom had this lying around the house since 1987 and gave it to me. I am almost done. When we decide what to rename our boat I will fill in the boat name in the big gap. I still have to finish the boat in the bottle but im almost done.

Coraline Stuff - Free high res poster download.

Mabel Marie

This is my god daughter Mabel Marie Steffek, daughter to one of my best-ies Foxy Roxy. She was born on Tuesday January 13th. She has been the muse for all my baby clothes even before she was born. Here are some pictures of things I have made her. More to come later in a visit to her i am making at the end of this month.

Welcome to Brooklyn Craft!


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