Tuesday, February 24, 2009

FORGET ME-NOT Emboirdery show at the Hanahou Gallery

If you like embroidery and you live in NYC you should check this show out. Here are some pics of my favorite pieces there. The Star Trek one is called "SET PHASERS ON STUNNING" by
Sarah Horton
. You can go HERE to find the names of the artists or to purchase their work. It was really cool seeing some of the pieces I have seen on the internet in person. Enjoy!

The Gallery is located at 611 Broadway (at Houston) Suite 703. This is the Website http://www.galleryhanahou.com/exhibitions.html

Sorry the photos are so blurry they were taken with my phone.


  1. I really like in insane heart. Oh and who couldn't love the crew of the Enterprise as styled by Carmen Miranda?!

  2. I bet this was so freaking RAD!!!! I heart the collection of you piece. Might have to borrow some inspiration from that.



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