Thursday, February 12, 2009

Green Depot has come to SoHo

I just got back from visiting Green Depot. It is their first day opening. Lucky for me it is only a few blocks form work. Their store "Makes green building and living solutions accessible". Some cool facts about the building it is in is that 1) it was previously home to the first YMCA in NYC, 2) Was home to William S. Burroughs (for there is only a few crazies who have from the crazy place outbroken), and 3) was a previous studio to Mark Rothko!

One thing that i liked the most was that they have huge glass drums of their products that they pour out of a tap and into your empty bottles! at about 12 cents an ounce it makes filling up my empty dish soap bottle less than $2! They do not currently offer hand soap but i really hope they start carrying it.

The sculptures they have around the store are made out of old tools and are pretty bad ass. and i found a bunch of cross stitch samplers hanging on the walls!!

They have a baby section that is nice but the colors are a little bland. The pillows were cute but around $35. They offer lots of baby clothes, pillows, blankets and onsies, all of which are organic.

All in all, everyone that works there is very very nice and helpful. I will be going back soon to refill all my empty bottles of cleaning products! My only purchase there was a recyclable and bidegratable trashcan for $6.50. I am pleased.

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