Monday, April 13, 2009

Fixing that damned clock once and for all!

So Dan and i have this god forsaken clock in our room that we have hated since i bought it. But it was cheap and looked cool in the store. And I cant stand baking down on some purchases. Anycrazy... You cant see the clock hands AT ALL! You literally have to get our of bed and crane your neck in circles to see what time it is, which sucks if there is an ounce of light hitting the clock, the glare was terrible. so i took it upon myself to finally fix the thing thursday night! I took it apart with a big knife and used red fingernail polish to paint the hands of the clock so we can finally tell what time it is!
Sorry for the terrible pics.


  1. I like it even more knowing it's nail polish.

  2. Good job crafty sue! I agree with Nina - it's twice as good knowing it's nail polish. I want to think of it as toe nail polish. So I will.



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