Friday, May 29, 2009

Newest Monkeys

So what we have here is: The awkward quiet girl with big ears and greasy hair from high school, The bathing Beauty (thanks Lesley) and Dr. Manhattan. Dont ask me where these ideas come from. Soon to come is Bart Simpson and Rorschach.
AND, whats cooler is that my friend and WONDERFUL photographer Halston Bruce is coming over to photograph all my stuff so I can have a little book of all my monkeys and stuff I sell! YAY! So look in the next week for a bunch of updated good pictures replacing my camera phone pictures on here! Im so stoked!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I made a wallet!

So Friday night my friend Cassandra asked if I could make her a wallet. I had never made a wallet before so of course I said yes! I had some left over pleather type material that I thought would be perfect! So I made a fluorescent pink vegan wallet. She bought it for $15!! So now I know how to make a wallet. I only have pink in regular and fluorescent. So If you would like me to make you a very homemade looking wallet let me know! Yes that is a tiny unicorn button on the strap!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The coolest tiny thing ever!

Alice my friend at work brought this in. She found it in a box of her Grandmothers stuff. It is a super cool super cute gadget. And its tiny. First its a little head wearing a hat on a stick. Then you take the head off and it is a thread saver! Then... You take the hat off the head and its a thimble! And then... you take the little stitck body and unscrew it from its base and its a needle holder!!! WHAT?! COOL! its the perfect little travel sewing kit!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dont forget to write...

Write.. did i spell that right? Anycrazy Here is another tiny tiny framed cross stitch that will be for sale at Renegade. If you have any other clever ideas for me to cross stitch or would like to order one of your own please let me know!!

Thanks Katie!!!

Thanks to my good friend Katie for this cool bag she made for me! Its zebra print with a perfectly stitched black lining and rad purple plastic button closure with messenger bag nylon straps. I love it! Here is a pic of her creation modeled by me!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Two new things to sell.

That quote is from Marilyn Monroe. I love it. I think i will make one that says "nice boys dont play rock n' roll" The other one is a little self explanatory. I have a bunch of tiny picture frames that i will most likely fill with obscenities. I think the first thing i will do when i can live off making my crafts is hire a photographer. my skills are unacceptable!

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Sock Monkey Army is Rising Again!!

I made 4 sock monkeys this weekend. Also while I was making said sock monkeys I had put my embroidery scissors down next to me and got up to go get a drink. When I came back to sit down I sat on the fucking gingher embroidery scissors. This was the most painful thing I have done in a long ass time. it was like a movie! I sat up and had to pull them out of my butt cheek. They are fucking sharp ass scissors. Just make sure you know where yours are at all times k? Dont let this happen to you. It painful to get stabbed.

A commision for a co-worker.

My friend at work had a granddaughter and wanted me to make a cross stitch for the baby. So here it is! I hope they like it.


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