Monday, June 8, 2009

Pictures of my booth at Renegade Craft Fair!

Renegade was a total success this past weekend. Thanks to all my friends who came out and hung out with me all day. And double thanks to all the people who bought things from my shop!

Here are the pictures not all of them though because my interwebs would only upload half of them.

I sold nearly 3/4 of all my inventory over two days at the fair. Saturday was crazy busy and went by way too fast. It was a blur of customers and running around and selling tons of stuff. It was nice and warm and sunny = perfect craft fair weather. Our booth was right between the food stands and the bathrooms SCORE! we couldn't have asked for a more perfect spot. Our friends came and hung out behind the booth and brought me to go cocktails. I went home Saturday night totally horribly sunburned and exhausted only to make a couple more things to sell at my booth.

Sunday was a lot slower than Saturday and I only made about half as much as I made the day before. But it was a more slower paced day and I was able to shop and really enjoy myself.
All in all it was a fantastic experience and all the effort I put in over the last 2 months getting prepared was TOTALLY worth it! I can't wait to do another one!


  1. Ugh, I so wanted to come! I so did NOT enjoy going to the damn office instead. Blegh. Your booth looks amazing! And the girl you were sharing with - I love her stuff! Well I'm glad it was wonderful. Let everyone know the awesomeness that is BROOKLYN CRAFT!



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