Monday, December 28, 2009

Cross Stitching in the Magic Kingdom

So Dan and I went to Disney World with his family for Christmas. It was a lot different then when I was a kid. One difference is that I didn't have anxiety problems about walking around in the most ridiculous crowds I have ever been in when I was little. The second thing was that the rides are so much better than than I remember. Space Mountain is AWESOME! And having little kids with you changes EVERYTHING. We had Dan's niece and nephews with us and It made it so much more fun. Taking Sadie on rides (she just made the 44" mark) and wheeling the boys around in strollers and seeing how exited they got seeing everything was amazing.

Anyways.... back to crafting.... I was in the museum shop in Downtown Disney and I saw these crazy detailed awesome Mikey cross stitches in and I had to share them with you.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

WWHHHAATTTTT ANOTHER MAG! Homebody Boutique and my stuff in it are in TIME OUT NEW YORK!!!!!


And there is 8 cout 'em 8 pictures to look at!!! WHAT THA WHAT!

Patty's Monkey

Another guest monkey maker came over this weekend. Patty wanted to make a tiny monkey so I gave her the smallest sock I had and she made one. It came out super super cute. its for her niece Molly (who the first tooth fairy pillow was for.)

Cat and Dog Fight

Gizmo effffed up his claw while slicing Pankcake's face this weekend. I thought I would share a picture. My roommate and I wrapped up his little paw and hes been nursing it all weekend.


This weekend because of all the snow, I had a surprise visit from my cousin Andrew and his girlfriend Crystal after their bus was canceled. After a long day seeing the sights, they came home and asked to make monkeys for his niece! Andrews came out strangely long and Crystal's came out just great. (Although I think every monkey is perfect.) Andrew was a whiz on the sewing machine, but he didn't get to finish his monkey on time so I make him a monkey finishing kit to take on the bus.

I hope that they had a great time. I did.

I needed new pillows

So I FINALLY made some new pillows for myself this weekend. I don't remember what this kind of fabric is called but I love it. My house is mix of wood and black and white and blue so these go really well with the rest of the living room. Its about time I had comfortable soft big pillows on my own couch!

Tooth Fairy Pillow for Sadie

This is another tooth fairy pillow for Dan's niece Sadie. Shes about to lose all her teeth and told me she wanted one of these. Even though she'll probably forget that conversation come Christmas gift giving time, I'm sure she will love it.

This time I didn't use felt and I think it came out a lot better. The felt was pilling up and just got too fuzzy. This time I used a heavy cotton my Grandma sent me to make it.

(Sorry about that one picture. I makes me dizzy too)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Holy crap! they are almost done!

This set will be my masterpiece of pillow sets. The "bee's knees" the "cats pajamas" if you will. I have been working on these for months. (Not that they should have taken that long but I get very easily sidetracked.) Anyways, this is Alexander Henry fabric called "no guts, no glory". Freaking rad right? So I embroidered some of the little details and I made tassels for the corners and they are going to be FANTASTIC! I can't wait to show you all the finished product.

p.s. this is a picture where the fabric is turned inside out.

Pretty Snow!

this is my backyard. It as so beautiful out there after it snowed.

Monday, December 14, 2009

3rd Ward Craft fair photos!

This Saturday's craft fair at 3rd was was so fun! The day passed by very quickly which is always the case with fairs for me (sad). I love meeting other crafters and seeing all the amazing things people are making. There was 2 floors of vendors! We drank bloody marys and screwdrivers from the bar upstairs. I shared a booth with my friend Fionna of FifoCycle Hats. My cousin Clarke came for the whole day and was my awesome assistant. (I think he sold more of my things than I did!)We had a great looking booth!

Please look forward to my etsy store renovation coming in the next week with tons of new items and a new layout hopefully!! There will be even more onesies and sock monkeys or sale!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My new apron

I told Dan I'd make him a new apron since the other one I got him was stolen by the bar. But instead, I made myself one!!! I'll use it for craft fairs to put money and receipts in and stuff. I wanted to embroider something cool on it, but then I found this awesome old patch my friend Christauf made a long ass time ago and thought it would look more me-ish instead of a felt dinosaur.

Sailboat Onesies are Back

These will be available at the craft fair this weekend!

I got stickers!!!!

So we had to give the craft fair people 300 of something to put in goodie bags. And there was no way in hell I could pull out 300 little sewn bobbles so I got some stickers made! I think they turned out pretty good!

Monday, December 7, 2009

New Designs for Saturday's Craft Fair!

So this weekend I'm doing the Holiday Craft Fair at 3rd Ward. (The Handmade Holiday Craft Fair 195 Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY). Please come by and say hi and buy my wares!!

Here are some new bib designs available this weekend and then on Etsy.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rise of the Sock Monkeys (again...)

At the 3rd ward craft fair I will have another bunch of sock monkeys to sell, and as usual the ones that don't sell will be available in my etsy shop. These are so fun to make but It's hard giving them all personalities and creating little characters out of them. So that will be exiting for you AND me!

The Little Hobo Onesie

I Was trying to recreate the little gentle man onesies for the craft fair coming up but i decided to use dots instead of stripes and for some reason now they look like little hobo outfits to me. But that's ok, you can dress your baby like a hobo and everyone will still think hes cute! So look for these at the craft fair or special order one from me!


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