Monday, December 14, 2009

3rd Ward Craft fair photos!

This Saturday's craft fair at 3rd was was so fun! The day passed by very quickly which is always the case with fairs for me (sad). I love meeting other crafters and seeing all the amazing things people are making. There was 2 floors of vendors! We drank bloody marys and screwdrivers from the bar upstairs. I shared a booth with my friend Fionna of FifoCycle Hats. My cousin Clarke came for the whole day and was my awesome assistant. (I think he sold more of my things than I did!)We had a great looking booth!

Please look forward to my etsy store renovation coming in the next week with tons of new items and a new layout hopefully!! There will be even more onesies and sock monkeys or sale!


  1. Congratulations on another successful fair! Everything looks awesome! There are a few more stylish Brooklyn babies out there all thanks to your efforts.

  2. Well Done T. Sounds like you did pretty well.

  3. Looks so good!!! So talented. I can't wait to show Mac her quilt that you made her :)

  4. It was a pretty great show. I am very excited about my pirate monkey!



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