Thursday, March 18, 2010

Making Deodorant!

Last night I tried again to make my own deodorant again and this time it was successful! I got the instructions from This time I didn't try to make 1/2 as much which was y down fall last time. I used Sandalwood essential oils and it smells fantastic. Today is my first day trying it out and its holding up great. It also seems like it will last a lot longer than normal deodorant and I am at less of a risk for breast cancer and Alzheimer's, which is always good. I highly reccoment that how-to! If you make your own and have any questions please ask me!


  1. Great idea Tamara! I always get rash from natural deodorant so I end up using awful antiperspirants. I should try this, I love Sandlewood also!

  2. As a follow up. I have been wearing this deodorant all day and its working great! no smells! Just sandalwood and coconut smelling!



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