Monday, March 8, 2010

What I've been doing...

I have been working on this order for a while and I haven't been working on much else. After dropping 4 sock monkeys and 4 onesies off at the baby shower Saturday afternoon, I felt a huge sigh of relief. I came home and I finished body pillow cover project that I had been trying to finish for someone, feeling even more productive!

Then, Sunday I FINALLY fixed my Industrial Singer ON MY OWN thank you very much! And finished the birthday present for my Aunt Denny that I was making when my sewing machine broke. I made her a bottle carrying bag for wine bottles big and small and booze bottles! I will be making a lot more of these.

Then, I made another billboard bag with a sunset scene on it that I am testing out today (or maybe just keeping fomyself, we'll see.)

This weekend was SO PRODUCTIVE! Its like i got the block out of my way that has been stuck for a month. Yay! back to work!!


  1. I LOVE the billboard bag! I would keep it for myself if I were you.

  2. Great job!! I want to see the sunset bag. I like the wine carriers. I could use a few of those myself!!



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