Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Surviving Renegade

Someone once said "Craftin' Ain't Easy," and let me tell you they must have been talking about this year's Renegade Craft Fair. I mean, I have been in some wind storms, but I don't think I've been quite so sure a tornado might touch down next to me at any moment. It's not the easiest task to focus on the fair when you're frantically trying to keep all your monkeys from blowing away.

Sure everything looks great right? Well, yes, Saturday was a fairly good day and I had a good time, but you see it was Sunday that was clearly out to get me. It was off the charts crazy. The day started out really well, and my display looked great! I started the morning thinking about what a better day it was going to be. I had embroidered and sewn a new flag for myself that I was going to display at my "shop" on Sunday. I had some friends coming to visit, and I thought maybe, just maybe, I was going to get to walk around the fair and do some shopping.

Then the wind started to pick up. We're not talking about a breeze people. I'm talking about gale force winds here. Looking around, my stomach sank. Vendors packing up to go home left and right, glass shattering in every direction, my booth mate's cards and necklaces scattered, and my monkeys, my bags, and all my hopes for good sales flying all over McCarren park.

Nothing was staying on the table, and even sand bags couldn't keep everything from trying to take flight. My booth mate eventually had to leave (with the tent) and so I stayed... till the rain came. I knew it was time to bail.

All in all it was quite an adventure though! I am looking forward to all the other craft fairs I am participating in this summer, which I'm sure will all come with their own crazy stories of what happened. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my booth from both days. If you look closely you will notice the monkeys holding on for their dear little plush lives!

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