Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Cousin Visit!

Last week my cousin Allison came to NYC for a visit. She came to town and immediately jumped in helping out Liz and I making monkeys. I gave her some jobs to do like organize bones and sew button eyes. After working we had a great time walking around the neighborhood and I took her to the thrift store near me called Atlantis Attic. We picked out a couple things and she picked out this dress that was very 70s with long sleeves and stifling neckline and a polyester bottom. She loved the print and I told her that with a little tailoring we could make that dress shine! I ripped off one of the sleeves right in the store and told her we were on to something. I also grabbed a cute belt that I thought we could incorporate to make it better still.
I cut the neckline to make it a scoop neck and cut off the sleeves to make it short sleeved. I think she was happy with the results. Here is the before and after!


  1. That is some fine work right there!

  2. Tamara the is so gorgeous!1 Your vision of a finished product was amazing. The outfit is fantastic!! I am so proud of you and Ally for creating such a beautiful outfit!! Absolutely amazing!! What creativity it took to complete such an outfit. I am flabbergasted!!!What did you do about the zipper??
    Love mom

  3. So glad you and Allison had such a great time. She came home and was just gushing with excitement. Thanks for having her, putting her to work and showing her a great time. Love Auntie N



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