Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A New Bag For Halston!

Halston over at The Importance of Being (a very entertaining blog) is a very amazing photographer and we did a trade. She took some great photos for me and I got to pay her with a recycled billboard bag. She seems very happy with it! Head over for her blog for some terrific wordsmithing and cool photos!

Liz Made Me a Ring

So Liz made me a felt ring version of my celluloid ring that I wear every day. Check it out! She is so talented!

Artist and Flea Last Saturday

This Saturday was my first day vending at Artists and Fleas. They are primarily a vintage clothing and jewelery market but I am hoping that continuing on there that more people will show up that need kids stuff and we can expand their customer base. Here are some photos of our fun day there and the bracelet I bought from Metal Taboo. I absolutely LOVE her stuff! I also bought a painting from Leroy's Place. She takes thrifted weird boring paintings and prints and draws in monsters! Check out their stuff!


Karen Seiger of Markets of New York has nominated yours truly as "Photo of the Day" on the Markets of New York website! Hooray! She stopped by a couple weeks ago and took some photos of my booth!
Her website is awesome and will lead you around the city to check out all the newest and old favorite markets and fairs in the city.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Brooklyn Craft at Aritist and Fleas in Williamsburg Saturday!

"Supercool, superbadass Brooklyn Craft stakes out a claim in Williamsburg this weekend with their wicked and wild take on the afterlife according to socks (below, right). We love when we see something so full of attitude and moxie show up and think you’ll get a kick out of them, too." Saturday, Artist, Designer & Vintage Market, 12-8pm North 6th between Bedford and Berry! brooklyn craft


I will be at Hester Street Fair this Sunday 11-6!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Homebody Boutique & Brooklyn Craft in New York Magazine Again!

Homebody Boutique is a Critic's Pick on the New York Magazine site!! Check it out here!

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Organization Bags at Homebody Boutique

These bags are now available at Homebody Boutique in Park Slope. These are round nesting bins. They are also reversible with fabric on one side and vinyl on the other side. They are good for toys, clothes or even a trash bin. Or even take it outside and fill with ice for a portable cooler! They are very light weight and can be folded up to pack and store!

This weekend's Fair

This last weekend at the Hester Street Fair was really fun! It was slow weekend but we made the best of it. I had 2 lobster rolls from Lukes Lobster, and we ate a bunch of ice cream from Phinizy and Phebe. Their maple bacon ice cream is TO DIE FOR!

I had the pleasure of meeting a couple who special ordered a skeleton monkey. They already had one and got another!! I love seeing people who love my stuff. Thanks again guys!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

New stuff at Hester Street This Weekend

This weekend I will be at Hester Street Fair Saturday and Sunday. 10am-6pm.

I will have a more baby-centric selection this weekend. There are SUPER soft plushy elephants and onesies with vicious dinosaurs on them, little fishy onesies and "I'm new here onesies." And whatever I decide to make up tonight and this weekend sewing at the fair. Here are some sneak peaks!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thanks Patty!

My best friend made me these long anticipated wash clothes. One is for the sink and one is for my face! I'm so exited to use them. The yarn she used is uber soft on my face.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Big and Little Monkey Sets

This set will be available this weekend at Hester Street Fair. There are 2 more sets to come. So adorable!

OMFG I made a Hippo

Does this look like a hippo? I'm not sure I'm convinced. Maybe a bit more tweaking?

Brooklyn Craft Take Over at Homebody Boutique!

Kate of Homebody Boutique came over and cleaned me out of my monkey stash, new pillows, fabric organization bins and elephants. They are selling like hot cakes over in Park Slope! Get them while they are still there.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hester Street Fair This Weekend

Hester Street Fair was such a success this Saturday. It was packed and we sold a ton of stuff. It was the kind of day I wish every fair was like. I think I am starting to get a feel of what to make and sell for Hester Street.

Customer Photo

This is at Hand of Doom Tattoo shop in Buffalo. He received a "Fuck You" cross stitch as a gift from Lesley. I think it looks great there.


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