Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Yesterday Liz and I took a field trip the the Staten Island Mall to get more hankies for snack sacks and we stopped by Micheal's Craft Store on the way back. I was walking down the isles looking for monkey parts when I arrived in the soap making isle. I spent about 20 minutes reading over every kid and tool and ingredient to find the easiest smelliest funnest way to make soap for me, a first timer. I wanted to make soap for real but the the Fight Club soap making way seemed a little too much for me.

I picked up a Life of the Party brand Shea Butter base tub that you cut up in to cubes and melt according to these directions I found online. A normal shaped mold, nothing with flowers or words or any other unnecessary crap.
I melted down the soap base in the microwave then started coming up with scents!! I think I want to be a perfumer now. Anyways these are the combos we came up with; Sandalwood/Oolong Tea, Lavender/Lavender Leaves, Vanilla/Salt, and Eucalyptus/Lavender.
We were trying to play with the scent and having a scrubby type of texture involved.

Anyways, here is the finished product! Now all I have to do is test them all out!

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