Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I knit!? Im a knitter? Im knitting!

The past couple days Liz and I have gone to Michaels 2 times. Naturally I had things I had to buy (like more soap base to make glitter sugar skulls!!!! WHAT?! I know! Wait for it....) but also I found myself wandering around in the yarn isle wishing that I knew how to make this scarf I wanted but can't find. So I was like "Screw It!! I'm finally going to tackle this stuff!" I have dabbled with knitting before but didn't stick with it. I think I made an ugly scarf. So I got some yarn that apparently Vanna White Made? And took it all home and Liz showed me what to do!! Im stoked. Here are my first feeble attempts!


  1. Hahahaha Vanna's choice! I love it! (Love the title of the post too.)

  2. Your scarf looks much neater than my first scarf. Keep at it! It'll get easier with practice. =)

  3. Yay! Good job, you'll be knitting tons of stuff before you know it. And as much as I hate to admit it I use a lot of Vanna's yarn....



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