Monday, November 1, 2010

Marth Stewart Show Visit

Last Thursday I took 7 other ladies with me to the Martha Stewart Show!! Our group name was "Ladies who make things other than babies". The episode we ended up going to was the "Bones Show". We couldn't have picked a better episode to be on! The whole set was decorated with bones and skeletons. Bones sticking out of the oven, filling the sink, and even ribs as blinds.
The special guest was Ryan Kwanten (mmmm) who plays Jason on True Blood. He made Osso Buco with Martha and it smelled friggin AMAZING!!

HERE is the link to the page on her site of the episode we attended.

The head crafter Kristin St. Clair was on the show teaching us how to make a rib cage shirt, which I promptly went home and made for Liz and I to wear at the Hester Street Fair on Saturday and the guys worse them to a party Saturday. HERE is instructions and downloads to make the shirts.


  1. It was like they knew Brooklyn Craft was going to be there! So fun.



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