Monday, June 13, 2011

Photos from Renegade

Here are some photos from this weekend. Saturday it was rainy and cold and nobody was prepared for that. The die hard fans came out though and keep us in good spirits. Sunday was another story! The park was super busy and we made a lot of sales. The sun was out and tons of friends came to visit. See you in a couple weeks at Hester Street Fair!!!

This super cute ity bity below grabbed two monkeys and couldn't decide which one to keep. In the end she chose the purple one.

Liz brought the girls, (Maura and Anna) and her dog Honey Pie to hang out both days!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Drowning In Monkey Bodies

I had some help with the inventory from Kim and Liz this past week. Here is what it looks like behind me while I'm working. Its like having 50 monkeys on your back. Literally. Watching you... Waiting for you.... to give them arms to grab you and eyes to see you! Scary!

This is Kim making a beautiful hula outfit out of a Corona beer cardboard. How fancy! (she went to art school)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Renegade Fair Booth Change

There has been a booth change. I am now at booth number 223. Something new things to look forward to is.... Liz is making some dope leather hip pouches. We will be modeling them at the fair. She is also making very very cute little pleated hand embroidered bibs. There will also be onesies and lots of fuzzy sockelphants and monkeys. See you this weekend!!


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