Monday, December 10, 2012

Ultimate Nerdy Stiching

My very talented friend Josh Taylor has been doing a lot of pixel art lately, and I thought... "how nice of you to make me all those cross stitch patterns!" They translate perfectly from pixels to stitches. They will be available on my Etsy site sometime before Christmas and hopefully we will be selling them at next years Comic Con.

Cell Phone Case

This is a cell phone case I made for my friend Justin the other weekend. I just made up the pattern as I went. It came out adorable.

Infinity Scarf

Here is the infinity scarf I made for myself. I just made up the pattern on my own. Using Lion Brand Wool. I used an N size crochet hook. If you are interested in the pattern I can write it down for you.

The Amazing Hamweenie

My best friend Patty Bowman has written her first children's book. It's called "The Amazing Hamweenie" Go check it out! Buy it for every child in your life.

"A truly unique debut about a precocious cat with BIG dreams

Dressed in his signature top hat and black cape, Hamweenie is poised to earn his place among the most famous celebrities and daredevils of all time. From the stage to the red carpet, the skies to the sea, Hamweenie believes, without a doubt, that he will be the greatest star the world has ever seen.

The horrors of reality, alas, befall him: a beautiful apartment, a loving little girl, his every need fulfilled to excess. His treats are simply too delicious. His pillows? Beyond luxurious. Such torture! Hamweenie must escape! But with his wretchedly wonderful owner appearing at every turn, will he ever make it out of the apartment? From debut author and illustrator Patty Bowman comes a picture book about the secret life of cats and about dreaming big--no matter what your species."



HI! Did you miss me?!?! I missed you. This year has been quite a roller coaster. I am back now and I am working on a bunch of exciting projects! Its winter and nearing Christmas time so I am very busy making presents for people and trying to get my Etsy shop back in order. I am going to try and post more in the new year and share with you all the fun things I am working on. Enjoy.


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